The Name Annabelle Kamondo is spoken with admiration from his political allies and voter base but she is feared for her assertive nature when it comes to rights of the marginalized, youth and women in Limuru .It was not a surprise that she was representing the region in the just concluded 2nd German -African Business Summit In Nairobi which ran from 8th to 10th of February. This it is not a minor fete as no other seated or aspiring young or even woman aspiring leader attended from the vast region of Kiambu County.

The focus  of the Summit was to promote entrepreneurship and for German Companies to do business and Invest in Africa and those in the country to the same In Germany.

In attendance was Prof Heinz Walter Grobe ;Chairman SAFRI,- Hon. Henry Rotich  the CS Finance ,H.E. Bridgette Zypries  from the Ministry of Energy and Economic Affairs Germany ,the Hon.  Amina Mohamed  CS Foreign Affairs and International Trade. They all made inspiring speeches at the summit.

As Kenya grapples with unemployment, corruption and poor infrastructure entrepreneurial skills are of most important among women and youth. Attending such summits is a spring board to opportunities for businesses, companies and entrepreneurs to interact network and create opportunities in Kiambu County and the whole country.

None of the aspiring candidates and even the incumbent   are as business savvy to spot opportunities .This is what is lacking in our leadership. Solution based type of leaders to create change and inspire the bourgeoisie .This is the vox populi .