It has always been easy to choose who will be the next M.P in Limuru ,well it still is.

Since the days of the late Hon.Kuria Kanyingi the Limuru electorate have chosen bold leaders who have development agendas and have a voice in parliament and at times even leaders close to the president.

The late Hon.Kuria Kanyingi’s closeness to the former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi was not a hidden secret .Even to date our MP’s or aspirants are trying to be as close to the House on the hill as possible.

However these days its pure development not political goodwill that will give you the nod in the fast growing constituency of Limuru.

Today we will focus on the two horses in the race for MP then focus a bit on MCA politics in Limuru’s Central Ward.


Mwathi Foundation Vs Kiragu’s Development

The Hon .Peter Mwathi had a community based approach.He initiated school based programs such as free tuition for Primary and Secondary School going children and free computer literacy training programs.Well it worked like a Harry Potter magic wand as many benefited and praised the initiative .Even to date the program is still missed by residents .

On the other hand Hon.Eng John Kiragu Chege has spear headed some government initiated projects such as the Limuru Incubation center.

The project is under the Digital literacy program under ministry of I.C.T as a constituency digital innovation hub,which is in its procurement face.Though he has been accused of gaining political mileage he has been clear to say that it his efforts that made the sophomore pilot to start in Limuru.

When Hon.Peter Mwathi exited the MP seat it was argued by many that the Limuru electorate wanted more than Boda Boda and Bus stop shade stands,but  now most are up in arms that the incumbent may have done lesser as basic infrastructure such roads are in a bad shape within Limuru town .


In the race for MCA positions Limuru sub county still ails from lack of information as many do not know their M.C.A ‘s there still so much to be seen and learned from devolution in the constituency, county and country as a whole.

Devolution is a still a very new a idea to many as its structures and policies are unknown to the public .As Annabelle Kamondo  aspires for the Limuru Central ward MCA position, she has been educating the electorate on what in fact is devolution and S.D.Gs [Sustainable Development Goals].Many do not even know that there’s a Commission for Revenue Allocation for county government and how much it has past given to Limuru Sub-county.

Are other aspirants taking advantage that many do not know how the county assembly works and its intrinsic importance?

Are they waiting to be endorsed by their parties in the ‘three-piece politics’ of choosing leaders based on the  popular parties they represent?We are all waiting.