Annabelle Kamondo is a woman on a mission,when Heinrich Boll Stifftung held the  February 26th Gender Forum she was first on their lobby.This for her was not a terra incognita.

She reminds us  of gender rights activist voices such as Martha Karua and Hon.Ndung’u Njenga who coming from an activist background,captured our imagination with their fervor and zeal for the marginalized in our society.

No other in the Kiambu region stands taller,with guise for pertinent issues,panache and gusto of a bull fighter on these murky frontiers of  social activism .

According to  verifiable sources the Gender forum is a monthly event at the Heinrich Boll Stifftung Foundation,this is a Global NGO which is based in Germany.It has affiliations to the German Green Party and is a think tank for policy reforms globally.

The forum particularly brings together students,law makers,civil activists,government institution and the general public.According to the NGO it aims at increasing knowledge and effectiveness of policy and programs within the country.

The forum on women empowerment  and gender equality tackled some pertinent issues head on.Sustainable Development goals No.5 which in particular talks about  the need for political parties engaging women in elective and nominated seats for the realization of the two-thirds gender principle by the latter, was but one of the issues.

The forum had a staunch vision to change perceptions on gender equality and encourage women to spearhead development by warding off negative peer pressure,having good self consciousness towards growth and taking social and even economic risks for their betterment

Inset-Annabelle W Kamondo