*Annabel Wambui Kamondo, A promising woman leader*

Written by Annabel Ennui Kalindi.

I am happy to be among the women who have chosen the road less travelled. World over there is a rising momentum encouraging and ensuring active participation of women leadership.

My journey into active participation in leadership begun in 2015 and it did not come as a surprise to my close family and friends. I do not keep quiet about issues I speak out even though at times it gets me into trouble.

There is never a dull day in leadership once in leadership one realises that the game transcends political leaderships, it transcends ones expectations, questions your way of doing things and your way of thinking.

It is no longer about how brilliant or how well educated you are. I have learnt that leadership is all about strategy especially if you don’t have deep pockets, a godfather or huge immediate support.

Challenges are many and many dream killers from family, friends and colleagues who will not waste an opportunity to discourage you and thus you have to deal with the status quo. Sadly outsiders are not received well. In every County there are people who feel they own the place and they make ones venture difficult.

Leadership is an expensive affair, I am a young woman toiling to make a living for myself. I have been off mainstream employment for 3 years making ends meet through Trade Events Consultancy.

As I embark on leadership to enhance the economic empowerment of women in Kenya, I believe I have travelled the path both high and low and thus I understand the problems faced by the women in the grassroots, the women in corporate world and the women in business.

I believe women are the main drivers of Kenya’s economy and we all know a woman’s income goes back to the family to take care of children’s education and healthcare therefore I will keep driving the development agenda of women.

*My case; Let the women grow!!*